You Matter Here!

Is Anxiety causing you stress? Does Depression make you feel isolated? Are you struggling in relationships? You are in the right place. At Rauscher Therapeutic Group, we believe relationships are the fabric of life. Everyone seeks counsel for the issues in their world, whether it be from friends, family members, or professionals. We provide a place where you can discuss a person, place, or situation that is bothering you, in a private and confidential setting. We offer you tools that allow for reinterpretation of the issue(s) at hand. Our goal is for you to feel peace and find happiness again!

Life does not always play by the rules, follow the script, or keep to the agenda.  Our role is to facilitate communication, helping you reach your goals!  Whether you need someone to talk to or you feel stuck and need help moving forward, Rauscher Therapeutic Group has the tools and training to guide you during your time of challenge.