Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast!

As we enter the New Year, many have set personal goals they hope to achieve.  Bahram Akradi gives excellent advice to goal-setters, “When it comes to accomplishing personal goals, everyone has his or her own style. Some like to tell the world what they’re determined to achieve; others quietly commit their plans to the pages of journals they’ll never show a soul. Me? I’ve been known to do a little of both. But I’ve always experienced the most success in following the motto ‘Think big, start small, move fast’.”

According to Mr. Akradi, Think big, invites us to develop ambitious and expansive vision for what we can accomplish.  Start small prevents us from becoming overwhelmed and allows us to get started with modest daily action that is doable building momentum. Move fast keeps us focused, allowing for continual progress, and maintains our energy and enthusiasm.

So, resolution makers, goal-setters, THINK BIG, START SMALL, AND MOVE FAST!

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